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The Kiamesha Global team has deep experience in the data center industry and understands the inner workings of the data center marketplace and its related services.

With our Advisory Services we are experts in providing the following for any size or type of data center footprint on a global basis:

  • Total Cost of Ownership Analysis on Internal Data Centers
  • Contract Analysis of Current Colocation MSAs, Orders, SLAs
  • Market Rate Comparisons & Intelligence on Current Colocation & Cloud Service Providers
  • Reliability / Vulnerability Assessments of In-House or Colocated Environments
  • Network Assessment, Sizing and Market Intelligence on Network Service Providers

With Our Agency Services we are experts in providing:

  • Colocation Service Procurement
  • Cloud Service Procurement
  • Network Service Procurement
  • Data Center Design & Build Procurement
  • IT Managed Services Procurement